Kiss that toxic garbage in your shower goodbye... Why I'm making the switch to organic, eco friendly, and natural hair care

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I still can't believe it's been almost three months since I made the decision to join the "slow living" movement.  I quit fast fashion- yes, that means no more Zara (sigh), and tossed away any beauty products that had chemicals with names I couldn't pronounce.  I can't really say I'm completely over the transition period though, as I'm still getting a feel for where to shop for clothes, & what organic, natural, and cruelty free makeup brands even exist.  But when it comes to haircare,  I've officially gone all naaturaaal thanks to Nubian Heritage. 

Nubian Heritage makes culturally authentic, body and hair care made with certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients.  All their products are also cruelty free, sulfate & paraben free, & have no harsh chemicals or dyes.

And it doesn't stop there: Nubian Heritage also invests in women's Shea Butter cooperatives in Ghana, helping them develop self-sustaining businesses and reap the benefits of financial freedom- which in my opinion is pretty freaking cool. 

Nubian Heritage organic eco friendly hair care cruelty free

The Products: 

So the folks at Nubian Heritage were nice enough to send over some some samples of their Indian Hemp & Tamanu Hair Care collection.  Each of their products in this collection uses Tamanu Oil, which is revered in Madagascar for its deeply moisturizing and reparative benefits- and boy does this stuff leave my hair hydrated.  I have to say that when I tried the shampoo in particular I struggled because it would leave my hair oily... That was until I realized I wasn't rinsing it out thoroughly enough.  Since it doesn't lather, you don't really notice how much product is in your hair until it's dry.  Today I finally did it right and made sure I scrubbed every single square inch off my scalp until I had no shampoo left, and I must say my hair has never looked better :) 

Nubian Heritage Organic hair care cruelty free lifestyle blogger

The mousse totally saved my life last weekend when I found myself coming home from the beach and wasn't able to shower & blow dry my hair for dinner with friends.  I little bit of mousse fixed my problem and turned me from beach bum to bombshell with waves.  I honestly wish I had pictures of the before/after because I really did look a world of a difference better, guys. 

Check out my video to see how my hair looked after using the Nubian Heritage Mask, Nubian Heritage Shampoo, & serum and take note of the swoon worthy hair flip at 7min. lol 

Nubian Heritage is definitely a brand I'm going to make sure is always a bathroom staple in my home to take care of my skin & hair care needs (because yes, they sell more than just hair care products). Feel free to browse around and shop the Indian Hemp & Tamanu collection below.  I've also included a few of their skin care products so you can take a peek and try some :) 

So here's to contributing to a brand that saves the planet & people. 

Until next time, 


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