5 useful tips on how to better your travel videos

It's been a few weeks since I've been back from my trip to Portland.  And of course as a photographer & filmmaker it's important I take advantage of those opportunities & create amazing travel films. Here are some most essential tips you should consider when planning to make an awesome travel film. Here are 5 helpful tips that can help you create an amazing travel video. 

1. Prepare

Before anything else you have to make a plan.. We had 7 days and although that seems like more than enough time to get everything in one place it's still important you carefully plan everything you so you don't miss a beat. . Don’t be too strict because some places might totally surprise you with how amazing they are, case in point Crater Lake in Oregon. But make sure you have a plan so you don’t waste time on your trip trying to figure out where you should go.

2.  Find your purpose

You need to figure out the story behind the video.  Are you writing a script?  You you layering shots over a song?  If so, what song have you chosen?  What transitions fit best with this song? If you write a script what type of shots would look good with certain lines.  These are all questions to keep in mind & have them answered prior to going on a trip in which you plan on making a film about.  Finding new music that won't get flagged for copyrighted material can be tricky.  I use Musicbed for a lot of my selections.  Discovering music on spotify is also a good tool.  Be sure to check out local composers (like John Jesensky) as some of them might be willing to sell the rights to a piece for a small amount of money.  People like John Ross Jesensky  compose music for film & television shows so this is an easy way to buy unique pieces of music that are able to convey your film's message & tone. 

3. Travel light

If you have too much gear it’s going to either stop you from seeing the places you want or make you tired of shooting because its so much work. Keep it simple. If not make sure you have  a bag to carry it all and one that helps keep everything organized. Remember if it’s your vacation try to relax and enjoy yourself.

4. Make sure you have a drone

Sometimes the only way to get those incredible views on camera is with an aerial view. I took my DJI Phantom 2  and was able to get the shots at Cannon Beach that I wanted. .  Be careful about where you fly your drone though because not all places allow it and you don't want to get into any legal trouble at national parks. Also a little sun hood for the GoPro will save you from the shadow streaks created by the propellers when flying towards the sun. More info on this HERE.

5. Take your time on the edit

So often with personal projects I don’t take as much time on it because there’s other projects to do that I’m being paid for or it’s just not a priority. But personal projects can take your film-making in the direction of films that you want to make. Clients will often ask you to recreate or make similar films to something you have already created, so a personal project can act as an awesome showcase video .

Ultimately remember to have fun with it!  It often shows in the final product. 



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