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10 pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe this spring for a minimalist closet // miami lifestyle blogger / Macys / Eileen Fisher / slow living blogger

Most people think that dressing for the environment means one of 2 things: 1) Wrapping yourself in burlap, and 2) Dishing out hundreds of dollars to buy an eco-friendly t-shirt.  The truth is there are smarter ways to go about lowering the impact of your wardrobe, and this short video I came across a few days ago perfectly illustrates what you can do to start. (and why)

Earlier this month I had the chance to curate a closet for Macy's Get Glam & Get Going event with 3 other bloggers in Miami. Each of us were asked to style our own closets for Spring, mine being the ever appropriate "Green Closet".  I'm not going to lie when I was first asked to do this event I wasn't sure how I would incorporate timeless & conscious fashion at a place like Macy's, but I knew there was opportunity to show the average consumer that they too can be a part of the sustainable cause even when shopping at big department stores.  So here's what you need to know: 

A) Timeless fashion is ALWAYS on trend... Trends are never timeless.

You know... That neon print fringe micro bag that's just soo in season right now? Yeah that's a fashion faux pa in the making my dear.  Buying timeless and versatile pieces are KEY to a wardrobe that is always up to date, even if you wear the same pieces years later.  Everything I included in my Macy's Green Closet are pieces you can wear both today as well as your colleague's dinner party in 7 years. 

B) Quality > price. 

Sometimes these timeless, versatile, and durable pieces come at a higher price.  But realize the amount of money you waste buying cheap clothing: You buy that $10 blouse at forever 21.  You wear it 5 times. You wash it. It fades, or it tears and it's garbage.  You repeat that same process 10 times in 6 months. That stupid blouse just cost you over $60. For no. good. reason. 

Invest in your wardrobe, so you don't spend the same amount (if not more) on what would inevitably become garbage. 

At the Macy's Get Glam & Going event I created a Spring Capsule Closet made entirely of timeless, versatile, and quality garments.  My model, Stephanie Mota, rocked sustainable fashion with an Eileen Fisher Jacket paired with dark jeans, and a crisp white blouse: an ensemble perfect both for a casual day at the workplace or a night out. 


Eileen Fisher, whose mission embraces simplicity, sustainability,and great design, is one of the only eco conscious & ethical brands you can find at Macy's. It's also one of my favorite brands to shop from for so many reasons, but I'll save that for another post. (But if you start to read about the brand HERE, it won't take long for you to fall in love like I did.) 

In my closet I included different variations of 10 capsule closet essentials for spring, which include: 

  1. Skinny Jean (perfect to fold into cropped jeans for a casual look)
  2. Flare Jean- this has always been my favorite cut of jean and I finally found a pair that fit like a glove!  For styling tips feel free to check out my  youtube channel
  3. Crisp White Shirt- because no one ever says you don't need one of these. 
  4. Sneakers- Adidas have always been a thing.  They always will be.  And yes, you can wear them with dresses & culottes too. 
  5. Flat Sandal- It's time to let your feet breathe. If you don't have a good sturdy pair already, invest in some. 
  6. Chunky Heeled Sandal- When you want to dress up but realize stilettos aren't the brightest idea for dinner by the water.
  7. Shift Dress- Shift dresses are probably my favorite spring/summer closet essential because they are so easy to dress up or down.  Pair the same dress with sneakers, flats, or heeled sandals  like the ones below and you have 3 completely different looks. Incredible right? 
  8. Statement Piece-  Okay this one requires quite some thought before purchase.  Will it go out of style in 4 months? Will I get sick of it?  Can I pair it with other pieces?  The statement piece I used above is one that I knew would look stunning on it's own, but would also look great with a sleeveless coat if I needed to go for a different look.  I could also wear the top with a fitted mid-length skirt, trousers, or skinny jeans. 
  9. Shorts- A good pair of shorts that you can wear with both a nice blouse & a casual shirt is EVERYTHING. Pair with either flat sandals, or heeled sandals (like below) and you've got 6 outfits without even trying. 
  10. A clean cut blouse- You need an easy layering piece you can dress up or down easily with scarves, jackets, cardigans, etc.  This is a MUST. 

All in all, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with Macy's and challenge both consumers and myself to think outside the box when shopping consciously.  Special thanks to Macy's for having me curate my Green Closet alongside host Nikki Novo and 3 other incredible South Florida Bloggers: Francesca BelluominiMei Jorge, and Natalia Lilly 

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to support each of us at the Macy’s Get Glam and Get Going Event! It was truly a blast.  

All my love


Here's some snippets from that day: