20 swoon worthy photos of my future home + bedroom makeover by yours truly (VIDEO)

Before I say anything I thought I'd let you in on a little fun fact about myself: ever since I can remember I always wanted to be an interior architect.  Even though that changed the second I got to college (oops), my love for redesigning spaces and transforming them into functional pieces of art still remains.  I love interior design projects and am an HGTV dork.  The current circumstances of my life have me dreaming about what my next space & place is going to look like, and I can only help but share that with you all.  

It's no surprise that travel is my muse for pretty much every project I take on- and ever since visiting Copenhagen last year I can only dream about having a chic industrial Scandinavian inspired loft.  Shout out to Pinterest for feeding me inspo.  You can follow my "dream home" board on pinterest.com/zeinabkristen

I've been meaning to release my creative energy so I decided to do a mini makeover for my parents. Eco conscious lifestyle brand  Under the Canopy sent me a beautiful sustainably produced pillow that became the primary source of inspiration for the new vision of their bedroom.  I absolutely love their designs, and my only regret about them is that I wasn't able to incorporate more of their stuff into this makeover.  They utilize environmentally-friendly materials to make their products, reduce chemical waste, as well as maximize efficiencies in water and energy- all while making chic, simple and timeless designs for your home.  

 Here's a glimpse :) 

Now my question to you all is... Where can I find cozy NYC lofty looking apartments here in South Florida? I've decided I'm going to give it just a little bit longer before I take my talents elsewhere ;) BUT I may be relocating to Fort. Lauderdale or anywhere else in the South Florida region.  Any place you recommend outside of Florida you think I'd fit in? I'm curious. Let me know in the comments! 

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