Swim Week's hottest sustainable swimwear brands

I'll be honest, trying to find sustainable brands participating in Miami Swim Week was quite the challenge, but I managed to find a quite a few in the controlled chaos of the Hammock Trade Show- which by the way was FANTASTIC!  

TIP for influencers or those looking to connect with brands: If you didn't get a chance to score an exclusive media dinner invite, the Hammock Trade Show is a great way to personally meet the people behind some of the brands you love, and even those you don't know about yet.  

Lucky for me, I found some beautiful swimwear lines that pride themselves on their commitment to care for the environment.  Here are some of my favorites :)  

Courtesy of Aquagreen.net

Courtesy of Aquagreen.net

Eco Peace by Aqua Green

This boho chic inspired line is a collection of thoughtfully created swimwear that incorporates sustainable elements with fun and glamorous trends.  All of Aqua Green's bikinis are  made with recycled fabrics and textiles and use water free printing.  Each piece is also made right here in the US of A, reducing carbon emissions by almost 97% as opposed to brands that source materials abroad.  View more on their collection HERE

Courtesy of  Koruswimwear.com

Courtesy of Koruswimwear.com

Koru Swimwear 

I had been following Koru Swimwear for a while on social media before Swim Week and was sooooo excited to see their line in person... All I have to say is WOW. Their sleek & sporty swimwear is made with ECONYL, an eco friendly fabric that is derived from recycled fishnets. What I love about this brand is that they REALLY up their eco consciousness even down to the nitty gritty details like their hang tags made out of recycled paper and using compostable clear bags for packaging.  Did I mention Koru also donates a percentage of their sales to environmental organizations?  To find out more about Koru Swimwear and browse their new 2016 collection visit their website HERE.

Courtesy of Oakley

Courtesy of Oakley


Each piece in Oakley's 2016 swimwear collection is designed with 100% eco friendly fabric, high elasticity, correct muscle compression and 50+ UV protection. Again, I absolutely HATE the fact that my computer deleted all my photos from this weekend because this collection is beautiful.  I'm dying to get my hands on a burgundy one-piece that's coming out with the rest of the collection in October.   You won't have to break the bank to slip into one of these numbers as price points range at a reasonable $44 for seperates to $168 for one-piece Halo styles.   Keep on the lookout for the new collection launching this fall at http://www.oakley.com/

Why choose eco? 

Shopping swimwear made with sustainable, recyclable, and natural materials is not only better for the environment but better for YOU.  Harsh synthetic chemicals and dyes are toxic to the waters that we use for fishing, swimming etc.  Remember that any step towards a healthier and more sustainable future is a step in the right direction :)

What are your favorite eco swim brands?

Finding eco swimwear is definitely a challenge, and I'm constantly looking for options. Which ones have you heard of? If you know of any feel free to comment below! 


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