Bruised up in Booties- the spirit of change

Change: it's happening all the time, to everyone, everywhere. I quit my full time job to pursue a more creative career path ("Visual Artist" is the only suitable title I'm comfortable with.... for now), isolated myself from almost everyone in my life in order to really listen to my inner voice, listened to that inner voice, and was given opportunities I NEVER thought possible as a result.  I've met some pretty incredible people along the way who I am lucky enough to now call friends and have been given the chance to work with complete strangers who know nothing about me other than what they see on my platform.  They'd say things like "You have quite the eye" "you're talented", "we love your aesthetic," etc. 

All this, and yet I am still constantly clouded by self doubt. 

Those who barely know me are quick to recognize what I'm good at but those closest to me are still confused: "What is she doing," "I still don't get it"... like it's nice but... what's the point?" NO direct feedback or direction just a big "?" 

So let me be clear:

I'm a woman with vision- a minimalist, a visual artist on a mission to show you what I love about travel and life- all while contributing to a more compassionate & sustainable cause.

I  work my ass off, spending at least 16 hours a day either in front of the computer doing a ridiculous amount of blog related work, or out in the field working on creative projects: photography, filming, building content, food/set styling, etc. I'm a creative worker & entrepreneur with no title, and I'm comfortable keeping it that way- so stop asking me what it is exactly that I do (and take the time to actually read my blog posts)- because frankly, I do a whole damn lot... Which brings me to my next point: 

I have no creative team, I'm a one woman show. My actions can barely keep up with my thoughts and frankly, I've been alone in this for too long. I've come at a crossroads where I realize that I can only become successful and accomplish everything I set out to do if, and only if, I surround myself with like minded people- who are DIE HARD serious about their craft.  Who are crazy enough to drop everything like I did in order to become something bigger. People who are not motivated by security.  People who are not distracted. People that scare the living sh*t out of me- who light fire under my ass when I'm not on my A game. Creative collaborators who want to build something bold & beautiful- who are determined to tell the world a story. Holistic health freaks, plant based eaters, coffee shop addicts, artists, people who have exceptional taste in music, minimalists, travel junkies, trail blazers, where the hell are you?!  I'm finding it really difficult to stay inspired when everything around me just isn't...... me.


Don't get me wrong, blogging has brought so many creative and inspiring individuals into my life, and again, you all know who you are- I am 10000000% appreciative of you.  But it's frustrating when the environment around you just isn't really doing anything for you- It's just, there. 

I feel out of place- in need of something more,  somewhere else. (Reason #1 why my blog name is relevant, I've been feeling like this for quite some time now- surprise!)  Thankfully the next couple of months are going to consist of MANY changes: both in my professional and personal life.  I'll be traveling to different cities the remainder of the year in search of a new place to call home... Chicago? New York? Austin? Dare I say it... Europe?! 

But before I give away too much and jinx myself: here's what I came to show you ;) 

In the spirit of transition & change- Here's an eco conscious outfit you can wear both in the sun forgiving days of summer and early stages of fall.

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