New York Handbag Designer Ian James raises the bar

When it comes to quality handbags that are both fashionable & functional, look no further than New York's award winning emerging designer Ian James.   With just a few classes of fashion school under this belt, Ian began making pouches and minimal totes out of his New York City studio apartment for family and friends.  By 2013 his brand evolved into a full collection of luxury leather handbags, travel items, and small goods.  His designs have caught the attention of consumers all over the country, and have landed him as a finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards, and most recently the winner of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards.  

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to meet the man himself, which eventually led to a look book collaboration featuring yours truly, mua :). Below you’ll see all the pictures of the new fall collection, which you can now find on  

Reasons to love: 

  • All materials used to make the handbags are sourced right here in America: with some 5.6 million Americans still unemployed creating incentives for US companies to move jobs back home will undoubtedly support the local economy. 
  • Each handbag is made to order.  No factory mass production, no middle man costs. Ethical, eco conscious, and overall AWESOME. 
  • These 100% American made designs will save fuel that is used to import foreign goods, reducing carbon emissions as a result.
  • You avoid supporting factories with poor environmental standards in overseas factories that have given us lead in children's toys and melamine in dog food.

Be sure to check out the new fall collection of both women & men handbags at