Riudavets Avarcas: A fashion story about minimalism, culture, & sustainability.

Photo by Yesica Flores from @simplylively 

Photo by Yesica Flores from @simplylively 

When it comes to my wardrobe,  every piece should tell a story... I want them to mean something.  If you suffer from wanderlust, have a sharp sense of style, and care for the environment, look no further than Riudavets Avarcas.  

A brand whose story began in the 1920s as a practical footwear solution for the villagers of the Menorcan countryside has now become a lifestyle staple for both locals & island vacationers alike, including the Royal Family of Spain.  Their innovative, less-is-more approach to shoe design is just one of the qualities that make Avarcas so special.  Each pair of expertly crafted sandals are handmade with premium Spanish leather & 100% recycled rubber tire soles- making me one hell of a happy gal. 

Riudavets are the obvious choice for the fashion savvy creative with out-of-the-box style.  Their sleek & simple design make perfect for any occasion- in this case I decided to wear them to the pier on a cloudy day.  

It's safe to say that these sandals are my new favorite summer essential: comfortable, timeless, chic, and sustainable- what's not to love? My only regret about these is that I didn't get more D:  Riudavets Avarcas are available in men, women, and children sizes, all in a variety of colors- making it the perfect gift for your child, significant other, or yourself.  Looks like I'll be gifting myself these for the next coming months ;) 


Photos above by Yesica Flores of @simplylively | Simplylively.us

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