SHOP Earth Day | My favorite Sustainable and Ethical Fashion brands

My recent lifestyle change of going vegan was a result of my health problems and my growing concern for animals and the environment.  Traveling the world and witnessing a fraction of the beauty this world has to offer really made me think about how much I wanted to preserve its beauty, and how important it was to do so if we wanted our children, great grand children, nieces and nephews, to be able to experience the world in the same way I, and many others have.  Earth day isn't just about caring for the earth, it's about caring for everyone around you. It's about preserving life, culture, and art in all its forms.

Thankfully, the fashion industry is increasingly more aware about the damage it infringes on the environment.  With a plethora of designers, stores, and labels out there that are making an effort to better the system it makes it incredibly hard to choose.  I've made a short list of some of my favorite brands that contribute to a sustainable and ethical cause.  What eco-friendly or ethical brands do you love?  Let me know in the comments! Till then, happy shopping :p


Everlane offers classic and minimalistic pieces like leather satchels, sweaters, tees, crisp button downs, and accessories.  They capitalize on radical transparency, showing and telling you all about their factories, mark-ups, and what goes into production.  Skeptical? Email them and they will respond quickly and honestly.  If that doesn't say transparent, I don't know what does. 


Handmade by artisans in her Los Angeles atelier, Sydney brown continues to design shoes that are free of animal products and made with eco-friendly materials like coconut insoles, recycled and sustainable uppers, and reclaimed wooden soles. They. look. so. hot. 


At the forefront of sustainable jewelry, MJM's pieces are made from recycled and ethically sourced materials.  She does a fantastic job at linking modern and traditional elements, and is highly influenced by her passion for travel, art, and culture- much like yours truly haha ;) Her pieces (much like her mission) are unique, and wonderful.  

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