Spring in full swing

Spring is in full swing & that means cleaning up every aspect of my life before summer (not just my room).  When I first launched my blog, the challenge was... well, to start.   Now the obstacles have changed and I have been forced to figure out what makes me unique as a tastemaker. What am I truly passionate about and how can I incorporate all of that into my blog's message?   Everyone knows I love traveling & experiencing different cultures; but then there's a completely different side of me that I've discovered recently- and that is that I am extremely passionate about the planet, holistic living, veganism.  I always had an interest in that kind of stuff but haven't embraced it until now, which is why things are changing a bit here on the blog. Here's what you need to know: 

A new take on TRAVEL:  Nowadays, a quick trip to google and an Anthony Bourdain episode will tell you exactly where you need to go and what you need to do when traveling.  So the point of me repeating the same places & activities all the time will be downright boring, both for you and for me.  With my new found passion for craft food & drink prepared with organic, local ingredients, as well as vegan & gluten free finds, my travel guides will consist of options that incorporate these points.  What to expect: 

  • lots of local markets | farmers | organic, local, & seasonal ingredients 
  • restaurants & bars that use these elements
  • Craft food & drink culture
  • wine, lots of wine
  • adventurous & weird stuff
  • ART 

STYLE & DESIGN: There are so many fashion bloggers with fabulous style in this day & age... And I'll be honest I'm inspired by all of them.  However I consider myself to be a more eco conscious shopper. Although not ALL my clothes are eco friendly currently, I'm working on getting rid of all my old clothes through my online vintage shop that is going to launch later this summer.- and replace all my clothes with sustainable, ethical brands.. If not that, then they will be coming from second hand stores.  Every brand or store I feature will have some sort of sustainable, ethical or artisanal component. I can't wait!

LIFESTYLE: As most of you know I'm all about the vegan and organic life, so naturally I will be sharing more content up that includes gluten-free vegan recipes inspired by local, seasonal ingredients. But I won't be limiting my lifestyle section to guilt free eats- here's what you can expect: 

  • vegan + gluten free recipes
  • holistic remedies 
  • cruelty free, natural & organic beauty brands & tips
  • DIY projects (also tied in with style + design)