Sustainable Luxury : Lovia Collection

Over the fall I had the chance to link up with this INCREDIBLE brand based in Helsinki Finland, Lovia Collection.  After hitting it off on Instagram,  I  hopped on skype with co-founder Anniina Mustalahti to hear the story of this growingly popular sustainable European brand that continues to break boundaries on the fashion frontier.  

Let me just say that I was excited about this for many reasons. 

  1. Lovia Collection's designs are everything I had ever wanted in my closet: bold & beautiful while being versatile & functional for the modern woman.
  2. Sustainability: They had me at "...elegance beyond the surface."  If it's one thing you have to understand about Lovia, is that everything is done with intention. From the beautifully crafted gold piece on my Aura Jade bag to the recycled fabrics used in their durable designs, Lovia uses sustainable materials all while respecting the environment.
  3. Transparency:  I could go on about this forever but instead do yourselves a favor and please read their blog.  It really is a treat to read and you get a real sense of who is behind the brand, and how & where everything (and I mean everything) is made.  

If you follow me on snapchat (@zeinabc) you know that I've been sporting my emerald green Aura Jade clutch pretty much everywhere lately.  From cocktail parties to last Friday's beauty brunch (sneak peek below).  On days I don't want to work from home I pack my laptop into my Aura Jade bag because yes, it turns into a laptop case :) How genius is that?! 

Again, everything in the Lovia Collection is not only a one of a kind elegant design made with intention but functional & versatile.  Forget about those big name brands you're dying to get your hands on because THIS is a prime example of the luxurious investment pieces you need in your wardrobe.

A special thanks to Lovia Collection - All opinions are my own.