West Elm Bloggers Brunch with Kate Spade Saturday

This past month I got bit with the busy bug, and I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now.  I had the honor of previewing West Elm's collaborative collection with Kate Spade Saturday during a bloggers brunch recently and I couldn't have been more thankful for the experience.  Being new to the blogging world I was delighted to be amongst wonderful and inspiring women who have been in the bloggin biz for quite some time now.  And you know what was even better? We got some perks ;) The lovely affair was sponsored by Onli beverages, Passion del Cielo, and Blow n Dry bar, who was kind enough to offer us complimentary blow dry services.  Amazing? I think so. 

The Kate Spade Saturday collection is a perfect combination of easy and spirited; using a vibrant mix of colors that are guaranteed to spruce up any room that needs some TLC. These pieces are everything good Saturday vibes are all about. Below are my absolute favorite pieces from the collection- so get shoppin, runaways ;) 

Love & Peace, RunawayZ


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