Your comprehensive guide to Cyber Monday: Deals & Codes to every place you need to shop

Alright so it's Cyber Monday and I know you're probably freaking out and overwhelmed with all the ads bombarding the internet.  So I took on the burden of compiling a list of my favorite retailers with information on what deals they're offering plus their promo codes. Happy Shopping ;) (Shop Here)

  • 30% off clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and more.

  • Sales Code: CYBERMON

  • Some of my picks:  Minimalistic, versatile pieces to capsule your closet. | One of the camera's I've used to take my photos. Highly recommend! 

Target (Shop Here)

  • 15% sitewide 
  • Promo code: CYBER15
  • 30% off on select items (listed on site)
  • Some of my favorites: Room essentials for clean, earthy look- and of course one of my favorite magazines :)

Banana Republic (Shop Here)

  • 40% off EVERYTHING

Everlane (Shop Here)

  • Nothing on sale but God I love everything at Everlane lol

Etsy (Shop Here)

I love supporting small businesses and am a total sucker for carefully crafted nick nacks to decorate my home so it's no question that I shop at Etsy often.  Here are some of my recent favorites that are now on sale! 

More Retailers

West Elm: Use code SURPRISE for up to 30% off


Let me know if you guys find any gems while browsing ;) have a wonderful Monday!