10 Best Travel Apps

The Vane

Let's face it, packing is a bitch...  But the Vane makes it so much easier to figure out what to pack into your small carry on.  Enter your destination & days you plan on visiting for a detailed look as to what you need to pack based on location, reason for travel, your style tastes, & weather.  So. on. point. 

Wifi Finder

Because if you didn't post on instagram, it didn't happen....  This app is a life saver; simply enter your location and it'll find internet cafes around you with wifi. Best part about this you can download maps before you leave your hotel so you can use it while offline. 

Gas Buddy

For when you're on the road.. or not-  This tool helps you find the nearest & CHEAPEST (key word) gas stations to refuel your tank.  My wallet has thanked me every day since I pressed that install button. 


Probably one of my favorite apps right now.  Enter the city you fly most out of and you'll get a list of flights going out from your airport.  Weekend trips to Bali for $600, New York for $80... Bringing a whole new meaning to having the "world at your fingertips". 


For when you don't want to pay $334739 dollars for a taxi.  Most cities all over the world use uber.  

Coffee App

For all the cute coffee shop addicts that like to linger in instagrammable places while sipping on lavender lattes... We're all guilty. 


Plain & simple: use as a phone, but only uses wifi.  Texting, calling, & video calling have never been easier while on the other side of the world.  

Speak & Translate

Because I don't speak 10 languages like the Danish. Talking to strangers has never been easier-Simply speak your native language & it translates everything automatically so the foreign fellow next to you can actually understand what you're trying to say. God Bless technology. 

Subway App

There's no universal one I'm aware of.. Just make sure to download a subway app specific to the city you're staying in.  Makes it way less of a headache to get back to your hotel without getting totally lost.  

Momondo App

Similar to Hitlist.. but searches every single engine so you can find the cheapest flight.  You can also check out flights in calendar form to see what days are cheapest to travel.