5 Incredible Tiny Homes You can rent on AirBnb

All my life I've never fancied the idea of a big house with a white picket fence. Instead I hoped (and still do) for a small, cozy apartment with a balcony tucked away somewhere in Europe.  If you've been following me on snapchat (@zeinabc) you know that recently I've taken a great interest in tiny homes.  Ever since discovering the show Tiny House Nation two weeks ago I've been binge watching episodes and doing all kinds of research on the tiny home movement. And all I can say is this: Holy crap I want one. 

For one, they're cheap. A nice pad (and I mean nice) could start at a modest $30,000- do you understand that some people pay that amount for a new car? Okay, just putting that into perspective. Electricity & utilities would equate to almost nothing when compared to that of a normal sized home.  And downsizing would make for a more simple, sustainable, and mobile lifestyle.  

Not sure if you'd be able to make the full commitment without a test drive? No problem!   Here are some stunning tiny homes you can stay at during your next vacation.  

1. Magazine Profiled Home | Seattle, WA: