An afternoon with Chicago's #1 private chef

It goes without saying that Chicago is home to some of the most talented chefs in America- many of them serving up delicious dishes in their own Michelin starred restaurants, and others gracing kitchens around the globe while cooking for some of the world's elite.  That holds true for Chicago native Chef Charles Webb, Chicago's #1 private chef, and I was lucky enough to sit down and have a meal prepared by the man himself.  

From the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera to the exotic scapes of Brazil, Chef Charles Webb has spent almost his entire culinary career traveling the world: immersing himself in each culture & learning how to make traditional dishes straight from the locals (or in his words, "the abuelitas") who know it best. 

He's perfected the art of cooking authentic international fare yet continues to wow the public with his unique take on food- combining different flavors from around the world to create his delectable signature dishes. His cuisine can only be described as an amplified dining experience that stimulates more than just your taste buds, but all your senses.

On my afternoon with Webb, he cooked up a delectable vegan dish that consisted of palmitas, romesco sauce, asparagus & beet. Simple, delicious, organic & fresh- everything I could ever ask for executed beautifully on a plate.   I mean, just look at it. **cue drool

Dining with Chef Charles Webb was the first experience I've had with any private chef, let alone one that has worked for arguably the best restaurant in the world (Noma), and cooked for high profile clients that include Russian oligarchs, a Portuguese Contessa, and a Lebanese arms dealer. 

If you're lucky enough to catch him in Chicago (or anywhere really), I HIGHLY suggest you save the time to try his cuisine.  Buy a ticket to one of his tastings or even better- rent an apartment in the city and enjoy a cultural culinary experience only Webb & his team can provide.  


A HUGE thank you to Chef Charles Webb for having me! I can't wait to come back to try more of your delicious dishes.

Be sure to check in soon for a video recap of my Chicago Travel guide on my youtube channel & more on Chef Charles Webb.