My Journey Begins Now

Welcome readers!! 

For those of you that don't know what to expect from this project, here's a little insight as to why I've decided to embark on this journey:

Last year I boarded a plane to Europe for two months.  It was my first time abroad, and I had no expectations but to have a great time and come home to resume my normal life.  However during those two months, I fell in love with everything traveling brought me: the chance to try amazing food (because French macaroons, Belgian waffles, and Italian pasta just isn't the same anywhere else), new knowledge, friendships, incredible once in a lifetime memories, and most importantly, a whole new way I starting looking at life.    2014 has been one of the most challenging years of my existence. As a senior in college I've been forced to think about what I was going to do post graduation and to be honest I was scared out of my mind; and not because I was intimidated by the "real world" or because I was scared about finding a good job. I was scared because I realized that I had started to pave the way to a life I didn't want. I was starting to settle, and I did so out of fear of pursuing my real dream. 

As a child I was always drawn to the arts.  I loved music; I loved dressing up and playing with makeup; I took up drawing and painting whenever my hands were free; musicals and ballets were always fun for me to go to, even as a little kid.  All these things made me happy but I never dared to try and explore what my niche was in the creative community because hey, it's not the "safe" thing to do; because I would be much better off working for a marketing company than trying to make it as a freelancer.  

And today I'm asking myself, why waste anymore time trying to build a life I don't want? I'm about to graduate and a world of possibility is at reach. It's about time I start acting like it.  

So I've decided to start this travel & lifestyle blog in effort to share everything I love about travel and life, with a special niche in style & design.  I'll be taking you on my journey uncovering the best around the globe while designing pieces inspired by all the places I've been to: canvas art, accessories, & home decor.

Are you ready? 

Cheers to new beginnings, Happy New Year to you all