Café Curuba : Redefining Miami's Coffee Culture

Photo by Yesica Flores (@simplylively)

Photo by Yesica Flores (@simplylively)

Let's face it, if you know me well or follow me on social media (T/IG: @zeinabkristen) its no secret that I'm a total sucker for quintessential coffee shops.   After spending lots of time in Berlin and Europe in general, I find myself trying to find cozy cafes where I can linger and enjoy a charming atmosphere paired with a good cup of joe & homemade baked goods.  However today I sit here writing this blog post to tell you that my search for the perfect spot is OVER because Cafe Curuba is absolutely everything I've been looking for and more.  

Let's just start off by saying that ironically enough, I'm actually more of a tea person- weaksauce, I know.. but I like the subtleness of tea; especially since most of the coffee I drink is far too bitter for me to enjoy.... That all changed the second Debbie, the owner, poured me a cup of what I later learned was actually drip coffee made to order in a Clever coffee dripper. Two words: Life. Changing. 

Photo by Yesica Flores ( @simplylively ) 

Photo by Yesica Flores (@simplylively

"Drip coffee"? "Clever"? Don't let the unfamiliar terminology of the menu intimidate you- I sure as heck was. But owner Debbie Rabinovici and her friendly staff do a great job at making sure you pick the right cup of joe, even if that means getting out of your comfort zone. After ordering the only thing I recognized, (an espresso- which was also delicious) I was told to try the cup of liquid gold that is pictured above.  60 seconds after that shot was taken I discovered what REAL coffee tasted like, and realized I had been doing myself a major injustice by ordering all those lattes at Starbucks.  The coffee that was used to prepare this was actually Panther Coffee's Kamviu from Kenya which had notes of sweet and juicy fresh cherry tomato and peach. The clever dripper cone gives the coffee more clarity and less residue than the French press... and it's perfection. 

Curuba serves up delicious Panther Coffee and Counter Culture Coffee, which you can't find anywhere else in Miami.  And if you're not feeling coffee don't worry.  They have something for everyone in the neighborhood, including carefully curated JOJO tea, fresh juices (I have to go back for their infamous watermelon aguafresca), pastries, and recently, breakfast & lunch bites. 

Some of my favorites:

  • Clever Brewed Coffee - Like I said: life changing. 
  • Lemon Polenta Cake **Gluten Free 
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie : complete with oats, hazelnuts, coconut and sea salt 
  • Agua Fresca - Watermelon basil please? 
  • Pan de Bono: these guava filled Colombian bread rolls are FIRE, but be warned: get there early since they always tend to sell out in the morning.
  • Dark Chocolate Pistachio Rum Cake **Gluten Free
  • Mexican spiced dark chocolate crinkle ** Gluten Free
  • Chia Pudding ** Gluten Free 

I'll be honest, everything they offer is delectable. They also always offer something different week to week; thus, this list will probably change since they're always cooking up something new in the kitchen.  One thing that really got me hooked was the variety of food- especially their gluten free options.  After self-diagnosing myself with Celiac disease it's refreshing to finally walk into a place where I know I won't have to compromise my health so I can stuff my face with delicious, decadent, cakes & cookies :D Score! 

Cozy atmosphere, good vibes, delicious treats, unparallel coffee, vegan/gluten-free options, AND a killer music playlist complete with The XX?  To this humble little gem tucked away on Almeria Avenue, you have my heart.  

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All photos by Yesica Flores :

Cafe Curuba : 2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134