5 reasons why being "broke" is a lame excuse for not being able to travel this year

Travel / how to save money to travel

I get it. Things are tight, student loans are biting your ass, and you can't fathom the idea of booking a trip to Tahiti while you're drowning in debt.  But not to worry- it's a new year! And you've promised yourself that NOTHING will get in the way of you seeing the world.  Right?

You: "Jet set life here I come! But first- coffee. & then happy hour. Because..... first work week of the new year! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas so excited!"





So how do I put this nicely?






Your priorities are f*@^d up. And here's why I don't want to ever hear the words "but I can't afford to travel" ever. again. 

1. You live for happy hour.

I know a lot of you aren't going to like what I have to say but here's a thought: there's more to life than cheap beer & liquor specials at that same bar you go to almost every other day.  There's a reason why I barely go out- especially happy hour.  I don't like the crowds, I don't like small talk, & I don't like wasting my time or money on watered down drinks at overrated places that honestly suck. On the occasion that I do go anywhere for happy hour- it's usually at a place I've never been to & serves REAL craft cocktails with 13,000 seasonal ingredients I know for a fact I can't replicate at home....... Call me a snob. I don't care.  

Alternatives that don't break the bank:

  • Need to socialize? Lookup free events in your area. You'd be surprised everything your community has to offer.  
  • Join or start a book/dinner club.  (a better way to spend your money if you must)
  • Take a walk or go for a run. Nothing relieves post work stress like some fresh air & exercise.
  • Attend the opening of a new exhibit / boutique / local shop. All of these are free, usually include good conversation with strangers & free booze :)
  • Host a wine & whiskey night with friends.  I LOVE doing this. Shout out to Trader Joe's for that bomb $4 bottle of wine I love.
  • Groupon - if you must. 

2. You shop for what's "trendy" 


Oh so you're telling me that you just "had to have" that bright orange fringe jacket you bought at Zara for $250?  Try wearing that in 2 years to see if it's still in style, or even if you like it for that matter.  

If you must shop, shop with a purpose. Do you need really need what you're buying?  If so, can you browse for a good deal online instead of giving in to other temptation at the store? Create a capsule wardrobe of high quality pieces that are timeless and versatile so you're not tempted to go back & spend on the "hottest new thing". 

***Insert shameless self promotion plug***

By the way here's a list of retailers that have joined the RunawayHabit.com network to help assist with your shopping needs. 

3. You don't think twice about getting $5 cup of coffee every morning before work. 

I'll be nice here. Let's say you ONLY get a cup of coffee 3 times a week. No cookies, breakfast items, poundcakes, etc. (yeah right but for your sake let's pretend).

Listen, there's nothing I love more than a good instagrammable coffee pic in the morning but if you can, make your own at home.  It's okay to do this once in awhile but soooo senseless to be wasting this kind of money on caffeine. 

4. You spend too much on groceries. 

I have several tips on this that I'm going to cover in my lifestyle section this week but here's a couple. First, you need to stop buying a month's worth of groceries when you go to the supermarket. In case you haven't noticed most of your produce is spoiled by the end of the month, and the money you spent has gone to waste. 

Let me introduce you to the European way of grocery shopping. Convenient? No. Smarter? Yes. It's this simple: When you want to cook/prepare something to eat: go buy it in that moment. Why? More than likely you'll get ALL your money's worth and won't have food go to waste.  

5. You're too lazy to cook your own food. 

I know a burrito bowl from Chipotle sounds amazeballs but seriously you can make the SAME exact thing at home. (I'll have a video out on my youtube channel this week with on my own recipe). Plus there's really nothing better than a home cooked meal.   Instead of going to lunch with coworkers at a restaurant opt for a picnic.  Want pizza? I literally made one at home with some flatbread, tomato sauce & veggie toppings- and it took the same amount of time as delivery would have taken. NO excuses!!!! There's always something to cook in the kitchen you just have to get creative. 

Live simply 

These are honestly just a few of the ways that you can cut down but there are SO many things you can do to either save/make money and it all goes back to the idea of simple living.  Being a minimalist is all about living within your needs, and nothing more.  If you don't need it- cut it out of your life.  You'd be amazed at the kind of trip you can afford if you actually made the effort to be more conscious about what & how much you consume.