Miami's Top 10 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops & Cafes


Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.   The process in deciding which coffee shop you visit has a lot more to do with aesthetic than anything else.  You go because it has an artsy ambiance and makes you feel like a hipster straight out of Seattle - giving you every reason to satisfy your need to snap a pic for the gram.  So I've scoured the city for some of the best coffee shops & cafes that are guaranteed to get you those likes.  You're welcome :) 

1. Macondo Coffee

Nestled in a quite plaza in the heart of Doral, this hidden oasis offers the best (and strongest) of Colombian coffee, gorgeous subway tiles, a picturesque counter & rustic wooden elements that make great for swoon worthy pictures.  Every table throughout the cafe even comes fully equipped with a stack of books you can use to prop your shots-- errr, I mean- read. 

2. Limited Edition Cafe

This quintessential North Miami cafe spot showcases the perfect marriage between rustic & industrial elements.  Euro style cafe counter with mixed & matched chairs, distressed wooden furniture & old world decor that fills the space with maritime character.   Not in the mood for coffee or lunch?  They also got you covered with wine, tapas & dinner. Whether you need an office for the day, a unique date night spot, or a day retreat complete with hammocks and a breakfast, lunch & dinner situation, look no further than Limited Edition Cafe.

3. Mister Block Cafe

Wynwood's newest coffee shop brings some of the best coffee from Counter Culture Coffee as well as paleo, gluten-free, and vegan options to the neighborhood.  Industrial & monochromatic patterns are all the rage now, and for that reason we can't seem to get a break from lingering at Mister Block Coffee. 

4. Crema Coral Gables

Why? Because it's a cross between Starbucks & Parisian Brasserie. 

5. 221 Cafe

Organic fare & a cup of espresso placed perfectly on that dark wooden table for the ideal instagram picture.  Yaaaaaaas 

6. Warsaw Coffee

It doesn't take long to realize why Ft. Lauderdale locals flock to Warsaw Coffee as their go to coffee shop.  This spot has offers three separate menus for breakfast lunch & dinner, as well as vegan options, beer & wine, and tapas at night.   Throw in the frequent movie nights and weekly community events, coupled with the swankiest urban mod coffee shop interiors in all of South Florida and you have a recipe for everyone's favorite hideout. 

7. Brew Urban Coffee

Hidden inside a photo studio located in a warehouse, this coffee shop takes the gold medal for the most "underground" experience.  But delving into details about this place would totally ruin that for you, so I'll leave you to see for yourself :)

8. Miam Cafe 

Because, Wynwood. 

9. Panther Coffee Sunset Harbor 

Fact: The panther coffee in Sunset Harbor is the prettiest.  Distressed iron counter tops & wooden stools are the perfect combo for that "cozy coffee shop" feel. 

10. Cafe Curuba 

How can I leave out everyone's favorite spot in the Gables? More on Curuba HERE

What coffee shops have you discovered in South Florida that you think should've made this list? What other "instagrammable" places do you recommend? 

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