Tropical Fruit Bowl

Summer is HERE people and the farmer's markets are just overflowing with beautiful seasonal fruits of which I decided to make a breakfast bowl with.  Chances are if you live in Florida you might already have these ingredients in your fridge.  

Tropical Fruit Bowl Blend Summer farmer's market breakfast simple living gluten-free fiber healthy eating


  • frozen pineapple 
  • frozen mango 
  • frozen banana 
  • raw coconut flakes
  • figs: high in fiber, and also contains prebiotics which aids with digestive wellness.
  • chia seeds: 

Literally so simple: Blend frozen fruits in food processor. Top with coconut flakes, figs & chia seeds.  I added a little gluten free muesli as well! Although recipe is simple beware: it is PACKED with a ton of flavor & FIBER.  

What are your favorite fruit bowls? Let me know below in the comments

Have a great morning everyone! 

Zeinab KristenComment