Slow Fashion take one #Jointhereformation

Slow fashion: one unified movement involving all things eco, ethical, & green- which is everything I'm going for these days.  Although it's been hard trying to shop for sustainable clothing, but I did manage to find one environmentally & ethical fashion brand that I've been dying to try for months now.  The Reformation is one of my latest favorite eco clothing brands.  Every part of the supply chain & garment production is so well thought out.  From their heat-reflecting roof in their Los Angeles factory to their use of renewable energy, sustainably sourced recycled fabrics, recycled hangers in their stores & 100% recycled packaging.  Sustainability remains at the core of their business on every level, which in my opinion is incredibly impressive.

Now I know what you're thinking- what about price?  

So it's not as cheap as that $40 coat you'll get at Forever21  or anywhere else for that matter... BUT it's important to recognize that when shopping for sustainable clothing, you keep in mind how long you'll be able to use the clothes you buy. Timeless & versatile, so you can get the most bank for your buck. Hence this white dress from The Reformation- here's three ways to wear it: 

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